What you should teach in biology?

Biology is a branch of science which should be taught to every student because it is the living organism on which the world is dependent. It is the food chain, oxygen and humans on which the world is being run.  

However there are so many topics in Biology to teach, some of them are important to teach. Those topics are:

  1. Human body: Teach them about human body and organ systems because a child is attracted towards what he or she has. He or she craves to know about his or her body that how it works and what is in the body. You can show them different videos to let them visualize the working of the system and how they look like. You can use different applications to give them freedom to understand by themselves. You can discuss different systems with them and making the learning process two-way. Similarly, you can take them hospital for a visit to develop their interest in human biology more and more. 
  2. Plants: Plants are important part of our lives. Our food chain is dependent on it. Our oxygen supply is dependent on greenness of plants. It is plants and trees that maintain environment and our surroundings. Therefore, it is very important to teach them about plants and trees. It is very important to involve them in gardening and tell them about that how it is possible to do greenhouse farming in UAE and agriculture in Dubai and desert like areas where minimum water is available. These topics will help them to spread greenery and make them to play an important in making surrounding fresh and green. 
  3. Biotechnology: Students should be informed current developments in biology. There should be discussions on how technology is playing an important in curing different diseases and disorders that were the major causes of death in past. They should be told about medicines and machines that has improved the lives of humans. 
  4. Animals: Animals forms a great component in food chain. It is the major source of food for humans. They maintain the food chain. The lesson on animals will tell students about the importance of them in environment and how they could use them for the betterment of environment. They should tell them about extinction of different animals and how they can be used and how they are used. There should have discussions on how they are maintaining environment balanced.

So, these are few topics which should be taught in classes by using different methods to bind their interest.

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