Five legal do’s and don’ts for your office rental

It is very crucial to decide the right place for your business as it would lead to success of your business. If you are starting up a small business then at least research of six to eight months is required to decide the location of your business office. Each and every aspect of that location should be analysed. Consulting a real estate agent and an attorney is a must before acquiring a new chairs and tables for rent in Dubai or hire a furniture rental company in Dubai rental space for your business.

A number of aspects should be kept in mind before hunting the new space for your office.

  • Firstly, the location of the rental office should be determined by researching and talking to other business owners in that area. Tenants as well as small business owners will help in making a decision. You have to determine that what kind of neighbourhood you are choosing, the convenience of customers to approach your office, the extent of competition in that area and the expense of renting. A number of questions and discussions should be done before signing any deal or lease. Will your business would be able to flourish in this area without any barrier.
  •  Make sure that you can afford that place without cutting your profits in case of damage or tax increment. Before signing the lease, check if they are offering a gross lease that includes only rent or net lease which includes other repairs as well as rent.
  •  Commercials leases range from 5 to 20 years. For new small business short leases are preferred in case you want to shift your office to a better location. But also, long term leases provide concessions. 
  • Check the detail of lease the landlord is providing. Sublease is a good option if you want to switch your location and you can rent it to new tenants. Thus, the years of lease agreement are not violated and you operate between new tenant and landlord. An exclusivity clause in your agreement restricts the landlord to rent office to competitor businesses. Also, co-tenancy clause the agreement allows to lower rents in case a key tenant leaves the location.
  • Apart from your own rental space, look for other spaces around your rental office in case you want to expand your business or downsize it.  Also check the extent to which you are allowed to renovate the space for your rental office. 
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