Get your child’s admission done according to his age

When you want your child to get admitted in the nurseries Dubai then it is important for you to know that when to get the admission and in which stage. There are different stages according to the age of the child. To know more about it you can see it here:

Babies: It is the most initial stage in the nursery. Normally the parents who work both they will get their child admitted in this stage. This stage is like a daycare where you can leave your child and they will play, eat, sleep and also learn different things which are age appropriate. But it is not necessary that you can admit your child in this stage only if both of you partners are working. You can send your child of six months to the nursery so that they will learn how to interact with other children and how to start education.

Toddlers: In this stage those children will get the admission that start walking. That is almost about the age of one or one and a half year. Kids that start leaning from the babies stage will promoted to this toddler stage when they are ready for the upper level learning and other kids will be admitted by the criteria of start walking as the name depicts. This stage of children needs much attention so it is necessary that there should be 1 teacher for 4 children so that she will concentrate on them fully and monitor them. In this stage children will pick up everything from the ground and as they start walking so they love to walk all the time that is why the teacher should give them her full attention. It is advisable to appoint female teachers for babies and toddlers stage as they have more stamina to bear the tantrums of children.

Pre-basis: In this stage children are admitted from the age of 3 and above till the age 5. This is the foundational basis for the next level education. In this stage children will start learning a bit seriously than the previous stages. They are also assessed trough different kinds of assessments in this stage and they will learn to stay calm and sit at the place for longer period of time just to make them familiar with proper schooling.

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